Hammer mill

  • Hammer mill
  • Hammer mill
  • Hammer mill
  • Hammer mill

Product feature

1Motor and rotor are directly connected by coupling, rotor passes dynamic balance test, which can rotate in forward and backward direction.

2The operation door has safety interlock, to ensure the operation door can not open when operation.

3Two side doors of the machine can open which is easy to replace the screen, and lower maintenance cost.

4Reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, safety, easy to install and operate, high efficiency.

Packing specifications

All equipments are an irregular shape, we put them into container after simple packing. The main parts of Motor and electric cabinet will be packed by wood or steel box , then load into container.

Technical parameter

Model Power(KW) Capacity(T/H)
GXP65*27 22 0.6-1
GXP65*55 37-55 1-2
GXP65*75 55-75 1.5-2.5
GXP65*100 90-110 2.5-3.5
GXP130*55 160 3-4
GXP130*100 220 3.5-5
GXPSS-Q80*100(double shaft) 90*2 3-4
GXPSS-Q80*100(double shaft) 110*2 4-5
GXPSS-Q80*100(double shaft) 132*2 5-6

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