Biomass wood pellet burner

  • Biomass wood pellet burner
  • Biomass wood pellet burner
  • Biomass wood pellet burner
  • Biomass wood pellet burner
  • Biomass wood pellet burner
  • Biomass wood pellet burner
  • Biomass wood pellet burner
  • Biomass wood pellet burner

Raw Material

Types of raw materials: suitable for wood pellet, bamboo pellet, rice husk pellet, palm shell and other similar fuel (which need to crush into 6-10mm) etc.

Raw material requirements: Moisture ≤ 15%
Size: Diameter 6-10mm


Product feature

  • 1

    Easy to operate and use, the machine adopts PLC control panel which can realize small fire-middle fire-big fire. Customize electrical components according to customers requirements, there are domestic components and imported components available, we will offer free replace parts within one year because of quality problem.

  • 2

    The combustion furnace adopts 3-layer thermal insulation, the inner furnace adopts high aluminum refractory ,anti-souring and high temperature resistance. Outside of the furnace, it uses water cooling system, make sure the furnace have long usage life, and operation more stable.

  • 3

    Pyrolysis and gasification through negative pressure, secondary combustion,smoke treatment system, eliminate the secondary pollution completely, up to European emission standard.

  • 4

    The product working principle adopts ultra-low nitrogen combustion technology, multiple air increasing, high temperature pyrolysis, semi-gasification suspension combustion,use heat convection and radiation at the same time, combustion last for more than 2 seconds, high-speed combustion and no dead corner.

  • 5

    High thermal conversion efficiency, heat efficiency can reach 80%-85% generally, stable continuous operation, easy to operate and maintenance.

  • 6

    Well sealing measures and negative pressure furnace, ensure no gas leakage.

Application scope

  • 1

    Fuel gas/oil/coal boiler industry

    (steam boiler, thermal oil furnace, hot water boiler)

  • 2

    Smelting Industry

    (aluminum melting furnace, reverberatory furnace)

  • 3

    Drying Industry

    (food drying, sawdust/wood chips/biomass drying)

  • 4

    Spray Coating Industry

    (metal spraying, electroplating heating)

  • 5

    Greenhouse, Building Industry

    (asphalt heating)

biomass burner connect with fuel oil/gas boiler

biomass burner connect with drying system

biomass burner connect with fuel coal boiler

Simple equipment structure, widely raw material application, operation continuous, be suitable for any kind of industry energy required equipment.

Packing specifications

All equipments with an irregular shape, we put them into container after simple packing. The main parts of Motor and electric cabinet will be packed by wood or steel box before container loading.

Technical parameter


Profit Analysis

Remarks: The above parameters are calculated according to 10 tons boilers. The actual price of raw materials is based 
on the actuallocal price.The data in the figure shows that biomass fuel can save more than 50% than natural gas, and it
has environmental advantages over coal.

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