Biomass wood chip burner

Raw material


Fuel Typewood chip, Waste wood、building template、Chinese medicine residue ect.

Wood Chip Size:<3cm









Product feature

1.Big Capacity : the model of wood chip burner  is complete, heating value 0.3 - 12 million Kcal/h, matched boiler is 0.5 tons-20 tons.   24 hours of continuous operation can be achieved.

2.Intelligent: Safe automatic feeding, automatic alarm switching function. Large-medium-low fire can be switched automatically by operating conditions. One key to start, safe automatic ignition. Manual-automatic switching, can adapt to different operating conditions.

3.Long Life: Full body cast first grade high alumina refractoriesThe host adopts 4 layers of protective measures, and the whole body is cooled by water. The top of the furnace is protected by four layers of U.S. Nozzle imported high aluminum material, anti-corrosion high temperature resistance.

4.More Efficien: Wood chip price is lower than wood pellet, save 40% than wood pellet burner. The main body uses three layers of insulation, less heat loss, increase heat utilization. High-temperature pyrolysis multistage vortex oxygenation ensures that the raw material is fully burned and the thermal efficiency is improved. Suspension fluidized combustion, increased contact area with oxygen, so that the fuel combustion fully uniform, the overall thermal efficiency of up to 85%.

5.Safer: The furnace front and furnace back system can realize interconnection interlocking, explosion-proof combustion and anti-tempering. Micro-negative pressure system operation, simple operation on duty. The furnace body is equipped with a thermometer, and the temperature of the furnace body can be observed at any time to avoid high temperature damage to the furnace body and the risk of burns to the operator.

6.Greener: Biomass fuel has low cost, automatic control saved labor cost, and high-tech design with more efficiency, comprehensive energy-saving effect is obvious. Meet environmental standards, biomass fuel emissions are almost zero pollution, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are much lower than the national emission standards. The cost of recovery is fast, tens of thousands of dollars invested, and millions of dollors are saved per year.



Application scope

  • 1

    Fuel gas/oil/coal boiler industry

    (steam boiler, thermal oil furnace, hot water boiler)

  • 2

    Smelting Industry

    (aluminum melting furnace, reverberatory furnace)

  • 3

    Drying Industry

    (food drying, sawdust/wood chips/biomass drying)

  • 4

    Spray Coating Industry

    (metal spraying, electroplating heating)

  • 5

    Greenhouse, Building Industry

    (asphalt heating)


Packing specifications

All equipments with an irregular shape, we put them into container after simple packing. The main parts of Motor and electric cabinet will be packed by wood or steel box before container loading.

Technical parameter

Test Report


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